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Medical Missions To The Dominican Republic

In addition to traveling for pleasure, Dr. Del Negro has also made it a point to travel to the aid of underdeveloped countries that have limited or no access to healthcare. He’s a member of the Volunteer Health Program (VHP), which is a nonprofit organization that provides surgeries to underserved rural areas of Central America. Drs. Ralph and Robyn Del Negro, along with two of their children – Ralph and Emily – traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2013 to offer their support. During that mission, Dr. Del Negro and other volunteer doctors performed 332 surgeries, including 161 cataract procedures.
Of the experience, Dr. Del Negro said, “It’s humbling to see how little some people in other parts of the world have. The lack of healthcare is astounding – people going blind waiting to have cataracts removed or even worse, living with untreated glaucoma or other treatable eye diseases that can cause blindness. We were there for such a short time, but being able to help even in a small way is gratifying.”
In 2015, they returned for their second medical mission through the Voluntary Health Program, this time with their daughter Sara and family friend and eye technician, Jess. The photos illustrate an overwhelming outpouring of time and resources from all over the world.
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