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Looking for a sleek, stylish frame to finish out 2015? We have the latest trends for you!

With fashion having a pattern of repetition, this year brought back eyeglass trends of the ’60s and ’70s! This means geek-chic acetates, luxurious cat eyes, vibrant patterns and colors, and very retro half rims!

Don’t be afraid to log into your studious side with a chic “geeky” bold frame, or live on the edge in a daring cherry red acetate! For a more traditional look, you can blend into a classic black or a neutral tortoise shell. If you’re looking for something that really pops, you can expand your options with printed materials such as wood grain & matte finishes – giving you a more contemporary look. Or, you can find your middle ground in a modernized half-rim. With so many patterns and styles to choose from, you may want to expand your wardrobe with multiple pairs to dress for each occasion. Just like a new pair of shoes, eyeglasses can change your look entirely! So why settle for just one?

Priscilla Del Pizzo has worked for Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates for the past 23 years. She started her career with Jose Pietri, M.D., before Dr. Del Negro purchased the practice in 1992. At that time, the office was located in another building, so she helped relocate the practice to our current location.

Last month, we had an opportunity to honor Priscilla with a retirement luncheon to recognize her for all she has contributed to our practice over the years. Her loyalty, dedication, hard work, and friendship truly made a mark on the practice, as well as our lives and the lives of our patients. She will always be an integral part of the Del Negro & Senft family. She is a fabulous storyteller and accomplished baker. Whether it be her famous chocolate cake or her Christmas cookies, we all give our stamp of approval.

Since the luncheon, Priscilla has been back to visit a few times, and we hope she continues to join us for lunch and coffee talk as much as she can manage to tear herself away from her adoring family. As she enjoys her retirement, we want to take this opportunity to thank her for her tireless service and wish her well on the next chapter of her life. She will truly be missed!

Oliver Peoples is a classic line of luxury eyewear that originated in Los Angeles more than 25 years ago. The brand continuously draws inspiration from iconic Hollywood tradition, as well as the beauty of great design, art and architecture. Each frame is meticulously crafted of the finest materials with strict attention to detail.

The 2015 collection embodies a mixture of sophistication and bohemian glamour. Each frame is effortlessly chic, and we cannot wait to style you in the lifestyle of the brand!

(Lookbook 2015)

Image via oliverpeoples.com

This week is National Sun Safety Week, and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of sunglasses protection.

Rain or shine, the sun is always present. When you’re in that cloudy day mentality, you may not think the sun is emitting damaging rays, but its strength does not discriminate. The truth is that the sun will find any exposed area and lay claim to it, no matter the weather. As a result, it’s important to wear sunglasses all year long to optimize the health and safety of your eyes.

When your eyes are exposed to the sun for too long, you may develop a condition called photokeratitis – which is essentially sunburn of the cornea.

Mild photokeratitis can feel as if there is grit stuck in the eyes, which is caused by layers of the cornea peeling as a result of the sunburn. Those with extreme cases, meanwhile, describe the condition as feeling as if their eyeballs are on fire. Over time, exposure to UV rays can increase risk for eyelid cancer and intraocular cancer, not to mention cataract development.

Additionally, when reflected off water, the sun can cause pain and discomfort. UV exposure can increase by as much as 25% when rays are scattered and reflected off of water. Remember this when you are enjoying water sports this summer or just lounging in the pool or ocean – and use sunglass protection always.

Check out our Eyewear Boutique’s large selection of designer sunglasses, and protect yourself in style.

Please note: It is important to have a complete ophthalmologic exam on a yearly basis.

If you wear makeup or lotion on your face and have allergies, sensitive eyes or sensitive skin, it’s easy to gauge the time of day by how badly your eyes are stinging. Over the course of the day, our cosmetics tend to run and make their way into our eyes.

Have you thought about what’s in those products?

With all of the attention given to the contents of what we eat and to the products we use to clean our homes, it is curious that many of us don’t consider the importance of the ingredients when choosing our makeup and/or lotion. Yes, it is very easy to get caught up in the designer name, color or pretty packaging, but you really should be taking out your trusty list of ingredients to avoid – and sticking to it no matter how tempting it is to stray. Just like any other products, you need to read through the fine print and make sure that you won’t be using something that is harmful or irritating to your eyes.

If you find that you are experiencing a reaction, discontinue use. If symptoms persist, call our office to schedule an appointment at 732-774-5566.

Try to Avoid These Ingredients:

Aluminum – May be linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Coal tar colors – All FD&C and D&C colors are made from coal tar, and most have been shown to cause cancer.

Parabens – Synthetic preservatives found to mimic estrogen and can be stored in body fat.

Propylene glycol / Propanediol – An ingredient in antifreeze and brake fluid; it is also a widely-used, moisture-carrying ingredient in cosmetics.

Phthalates – Long-term exposure may damage kidneys and liver and may cause birth defects.

Talc – This powder has been shown to cause cancer in animals.

BHA & BHT Preservatives – The oxidative characteristics and/or metabolites of BHA and BHT may contribute to carcinogenicity or tumorigenicity.

Kohl – Contains lead and is often linked to adverse effects in humans.

In addition to keeping these ingredients in mind, it is always helpful to consider natural and/or organic makeup lines. The USDA Organic Seal or being a member of the Natural Products Association is also another way to be sure the products contain healthy ingredients.

Remember, even though foundation (cream or powder) and lotion are not placed directly on your eyes, that doesn’t mean that they won’t – at some point – make their way over to that area and cause irritation.

– Content of ingredients to Avoid taken from ewg.org and adapted in part from Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Kim Erickson (Contemporary Books, 2002)

Spring is finally here! Yes, the buds on the trees are bursting with beauty and fragrance, the bright daffodils are opening up, and patches of color are evident as you drive around town. Like most, the mild weather moves you to open up your windows to let the fresh air in, and maybe even attempt spring cleaning or that landscaping project you had been putting off. But with the renewal of life brought by spring comes another inevitable side effect of the season: allergies.

Airborne allergens such as house dust, animal dander, and mold can cause ocular allergies at any time of the year- but when spring rolls around plant pollen seems to be everywhere, constantly bombarding the eyes and causing everyone to experience allergic reactions.

Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, or hay fever, is the most common allergic eye problem.

Take preventative measures: make every effort to avoid allergens. An allergist can help determine what you are allergic to so you can stay away. Completely avoiding outdoor pollen may be impossible, but remaining indoors in the morning when the pollen levels are highest may help control symptoms. If you are allergic to house dust, open windows and keep household filters clean.

What You Can Do To Alleviate Your Discomfort:

Cool compresses decrease swelling and itching.

Artificial tears dilute the allergens and form a protective barrier over the surface of the eye.

• Various antihistamine and decongestant drops and sprays can soothe irritated eyes and nose.

• Rubbing the eyes makes symptoms worse and should be avoided.

If seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is a problem, make an appointment with one of our doctors – we will ensure symptoms are not being caused by a more serious problem before prescribing one of the many new, safe, and effective anti-allergy drops.

Thanks to all the residents of Seabrook who attended Dr. Senft’s seminar: Senior Eye Health.

Dr. Senft discussed topics ranging from macular degeneration to glaucoma to laser custom cataract surgery. All of the insightful questions brought up at the end of the discussion really added to the dynamic dialogue. One major takeaway is that, as we age, we all need to be educated and take an active role in our eye health to make certain that we receive the proper screening, diagnosis and treatment options.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata, performs SPECTRALIS OCT examination on board the International Space Station (ISS). (Image Credit: NASA)

The doctors at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates take great pride in being on the forefront of advanced technology. For this reason, our team is very excited to announce the utilization of a new system during exams, known as SPECTRALIS, which just so happens to be a part of NASA’s Ocular Health Study. The study seeks to understand ocular changes in astronauts during long-term space missions.

The SPECTRALIS system uses an advanced eye tracking system that produces 3-D images of the eye allowing our doctors to easily identify change. It helps reveal eye diseases which may not yet be noticeable by the patient or detectable with a traditional visual exam. You should be pleased to know that you will be tested with the same advanced technology as the astronauts before, during, and after their missions to space. Pretty impressive!


An excerpt from www.heidelbergengineering.com

SPECTRALIS OCT Eye Examinations in Space

Heidelberg, Germany — February 14, 2014 – Since its arrival at the International Space Station (ISS) on June 15th, 2013, Heidelberg Engineering’s Spectralis OCT device is being used regularly for eye examinations of ISS crew members.

First on-orbit tests of the instrument were conducted successfully on June 21 of last year. The first ever OCT examination in space was performed with a commercial SPECTRALIS OCT device on board ISS on October 16, 2013. Since then, ISS crewmembers are being examined in 1- to 2-weekly intervals. The examinations are part of NASA’s Ocular Health Study which seeks to understand ocular changes in astronauts during long-term space missions. Crewmembers had Spectralis OCT baseline examinations prior to their missions on Earth. The on-orbit follow-up examinations now allow observation of possible ocular changes developing. The close follow-up examinations are facilitated by the SPECTRALIS’ AutoRescan function which ensures that serial OCT images on Earth and in space are taken at the exact same retinal location.

Image via heidelberengineering.com / NASA

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Decreased vision may compromise your lifestyle. When it comes to cataracts, Drs. Del Negro, Senft, and Glatman can restore your vision and, oftentimes, give you more freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

The changes that come hand-in-hand with cataracts develop slowly over time, gradually affecting your normal daily activities. If that sounds familiar, ask yourself these questions:
• Am I having difficulty driving at night?
• Does my vision seem blurred or dim? Things just not clear?
• Have my eyes become more sensitive to light and glare?
• Do I need brighter light for reading? Is smaller print more difficult?
• Do I have trouble seeing the writing on the TV?
• Do I have more difficulty differentiating shades of colors?

If your answers reveal that you are concerned with your current quality of vision, feel free to contact us at 732-774-5566 to schedule a Cataract Evaluation.

Thanks to the brides and grooms-to-be and their extended friends and families who spent a beautiful Sunday with us at the Water’s Edge in Bayville, NJ. It was an exciting show! Ashley Stanfield was especially happy because she got to leave with a basket complete with a pair of designer Jimmy Choo sunglasses and $500 savings off Bladeless LASIK. Enjoy!