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As you plan to wow with your costume this Halloween, don’t forget these important tips regarding decorative contact lens safety. It may just save your vision!

“Beware,” says Dr. Helene Clayton-Jeter, an optometrist and health programs coordinator at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “Decorative contact lenses can cause serious eye damage if not fitted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. . . One of the greatest risks from these lenses is the possibility of an infection that could lead to blindness.”


FDA Tips for Safe Use

Below are several tips the campaign uses to reinforce the message that teens and young adults need to use decorative contact lenses safely:

  • Get an eye exam from a licensed eye doctor (optometrist or ophthalmologist), even if you think your vision is perfect.
  • Get a valid prescription that includes the brand name, lens measurements, and an expiration date. But don’t expect your eye doctor to prescribe anime, or circle, lenses. These bigger-than-normal lenses that give the wearer a wide-eyed, doll-like look have not been approved by FDA.
  • Buy the lenses from a seller that requires you to provide a prescription, whether you shop in person or online.
  • Follow directions for cleaning, disinfecting, and wearing the lenses, and visit your eye doctor for follow-up eye exams.
  • See your eye doctor right away if you have signs of possible eye infection, such as redness, eye pain that doesn’t go away after a short time, or a decrease in vision.

Source: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm402704.htm#FDA

Don’t forget: September is Healthy Aging® Month. According to Carolyn Worthington, publisher of Healthy Aging® Magazine, Healthy Aging® Month provides inspiration and practical ideas for adults ages 50-plus to improve their physical, mental, social, and financial well being. Take this opportunity to reassess your health goals.

As you go about your day exercising and trying to eat well – both of which are instrumental in maintaining your eye health – also remember to schedule your annual eye exam. Be proactive by living a healthy lifestyle and by scheduling all those important yearly exams that can benefit your overall quality of life as you age.

Remember, early detection of conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy can prove to be sight-saving in the long run. Be the driver, not the passenger, on the road to maintaining your health. Book your appointment today!

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and had to borrow someone else’s reading glasses to decipher the menu? If you’re over the age of 40, chances are you have. But the good news is that we can actually help prevent such a hiccup so you can focus more on enjoying the moment and less on your reading glasses.

Did you know – you now have the opportunity to CHOOSE what your vision will be like following cataract surgery. If you are a candidate for specific advanced technology lenses, you now have the option to rely less on reading glasses throughout your day. What does this mean to you? It means you’ll be able to complete near-to-far tasks with ease, without having to rely on your glasses as much for correction. So when you’re out shopping, you can read price tags, glance at your cell phone, maybe even check the time on your watch – and still be able to easily scan the store to look for your shopping partner who just wandered off into another department.

The multifocal lens is designed to enhance a full range of vision (near, far, and in-between). When Laser Custom Cataract Surgery is used in combination with these lenses it improves centration of lens allowing the patient to experience the best visual outcome.

Your surgeon will carefully evaluate the visual demands of your individual lifestyle before recommending a particular lens. If you have astigmatism, your surgeon may recommend a specific lens designed to correct that condition. There are circumstances where another lens option may be more beneficial for a particular patient.

If you are interested in learning more about your particular options, please contact us at 732-774-5566 to schedule an evaluation. Drs. Del Negro, Senft, and Glatman will present a surgical plan customized to your individual visual needs.

Happy Fourth of July! As you celebrate the day that our country gained its independence, don’t forget about protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

It seems like UVA & UVB protection is on the top of everyone’s mind. We all know to slather on sunscreen and wear protective clothing – but remember another mandatory item to take along: sunglasses, of course! Make them part of your daily sun-protection routine. Make sure the lens has an anti–reflective coating to ensure sharper, cleaner vision.

Polarized lenses make your time in the sun more enjoyable! This lens paired with an anti-reflective coating is your best choice for sun protection. The lenses cut down on eye fatigue and are an excellent option for providing clarity, vivid color, glare-free vision, and 100% UV protection.
TRANSITIONS® Lenses feature a changeable tint – an excellent choice for people who lead an active lifestyle. Choose from XTRActive® lenses that provide protection from bright sun and harmful blue light outdoors, indoors and even behind the windshield of a car. The traditional option, Signature®, adapts to the perfect tint in every light. (Available lens colors: gray, brown, graphite green.)

The level of ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB) is at least three times higher during the summer months, and UV rays will also reflect off of water and sand – potentially causing serious eye irritation. With the right type of sunglasses, you can enjoy the sand and surf while protecting your eyes – and also look fashionable in the process.

Check out The Eyewear Boutique at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates for the latest sunglass options and enjoy 25% off your entire purchase when you buy a pair of sunglasses. This special summer offer is valid through August 31 and excludes Maui Jim and Oakley.

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and wind yesterday to attend Dr. Glatman’s seminar, Eyes Are Everything, at the Brick Fitness & Wellness Center. It was an amazing turnout! Dr. Glatman discussed cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma and fielded questions from the attentive audience. This educational program was made possible by the Mitchell Vassar Bright Future Legacy in conjunction with Hackensack Meridian Health.

As we continue to roll out this year’s sunglass trends, we would be remiss not to mention the importance of protecting your eyes, as well as the delicate skin around them, from the sun’s damaging rays.

Cheryl Khanna, M.D., Mayo Clinic, warns, “UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin of your eyelid but also the cornea, lens and other parts of the eye. UV exposure also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts, growths on the eye and possibly macular degeneration.”

What you should look for in a Sunglass Lens:

Blocks 99 percent of Ultraviolet Rays
The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a lens that blocks 99 percent of UV protection: “You should always buy sunglasses with this feature. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight is linked to cataracts and eye growths, including cancer. UVB radiation is considered more dangerous to the eyes and skin than UVA radiation. Both plastic and glass lenses absorb some UV light, but UV absorption can be improved by adding chemicals to the lens material during manufacturing or by applying special lens coatings. Look for sunglasses that block 99 percent or 100 percent of all UV light. Some manufacturers’ labels say ‘UV absorption up to 400nm.’ This is the same thing as 100 percent UV absorption.”

Polarized Lenses
Another option suggested by the AAO, is a polarized lens. It works to cut reflected glare — sunlight that bounces off smooth surfaces like pavement, car windows, chromed surfaces or water. It can be particularly useful for activities such as driving and fishing. Polarization has nothing to do with UV light absorption, but many polarized lenses are now combined with a UV-blocking substance. Be sure to check the label to make sure the lenses provide maximum UV protection.

Mirror Coated
The hot new trend this season, mirror finishes are thin layers of various metallic coatings on an ordinary lens. Don’t get a false sense of protection, however. When you are looking to purchase mirrored lenses make sure they have an additional coating that will fully protect you against UV radiation.

Now that you are educated on the types of lenses that protect from UV rays, you must keep those sunnies in good shape once you find the pair you love.

Michael Ehrlich, M.D. fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon and board certified ophthalmologist at Yale School of Medicine, explained the importance of maintaining your lenses. He discussed in a recent Allure article “how lenses can lose their efficacy overtime.” Specifically, Ehrlich indicated that “every time you throw your sun glasses in a bag without its case you run the risk of damaging the lenses – even if the scratches aren’t visible to the naked eye.”

Keeping this wear-and-tear in mind, Ehrlich recommends that “patients replace their lenses every two years, assuming they wear sunglasses about two hours a day.”

Let’s be honest—you’ve had enough of the snow and are ready for the warmer weather.

So, it’s time to start thinking about what sunglasses will complete your look this spring/summer! Check out these fresh trends that are sure to elevate your everyday look in the eyes of friends and family.

Overall Trend Alert: Match Your Shades to Your Look-The runways highlight matching sunglasses, clothing, and accessories.

Trending Elements:
White Frames
Marble Frames dark or light hues.
Aviator Sunglasses-Update these classics with colorful, mirrored, ombre or clear lenses and/or double rimed or marble patterned acetate frame detailing.
Embellished Sunglasses-It’s your choice: flowers, crystals, studs, etc.
Oversized Sunglasses-Available in all shapes and colors.
Shapes: Round and Cat Eye
Nontraditional Colored Lenses
Dark, Opaque Lenses
Ombre Lenses
This season the trends make it easy to have fun with your look, while still protecting your vision.

On April 13th, 2017 the Men’s Club invited Dr. Senft to speak to their active members. His lecture, Eyes are Everything, focused on Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and Glaucoma.

Members wrapped up the presentation with a number of insightful questions. Thanks again to all Men’s Club members, especially, President, Bob Rivere, and Program Co-Chairmen, Joe Salz, for their hospitality and presenting Dr. Senft with a Certificate of Appreciation. It was a great day at Westlake!



There is nothing more precious than your health, and setting personal goals can help you maintain your overall wellness. No one knows this better than our own, Lisa Martin Wiedeman O.D., who recently trained for the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. For months she scheduled practice runs in preparation and finished an impressive 84 out of 610 runners in her age group.
The benefits of an active lifestyle and proper, healthful nutrition extends beyond the waistline: exercise, healthy eating habits, and regular visits to the eye doctor will improve ocular health too. Maintaining a healthy weight and stable blood sugar help keep diseases like diabetic retinopathy in check. An added benefit is that exercise is a great way to release stress as well.


So, as you see the bitter air transitioning to warm and the buds fighting to break through the harsh winter months–look to the spring as your new opportunity to make healthy choices. If you are not quite up for a half marathon, start slowly with parking farther away from your destination or going for a leisurely stroll to get your body moving again. Congratulations to Dr. Wiedeman for reaching her goal and putting her healthy recommendations into practice!

*Remember to always consult with your health care professional before starting any exercise regimen, no matter how small.*