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Tina V. Shah, O.D.

Tina V. Shah, O.D., chose to pursue a career in optometry directly following high school. After being accepted to a joint program with The College of New Jersey and SUNY College of Optometry, Dr. Shah completed her undergraduate degree in Biology in 3 years and had direct admission into SUNY Optometry which she graduated from in 2009. She completed an optometry externship at Omni Eye Services in NJ, a tertiary care center, where she focused on pre- and post-operative care for glaucoma, cataracts, retinal repair, and refractive surgery. In addition she concluded an externship at New Jersey Veteran Administration Hospital where she provided both treatment and management of macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and various retinal diseases, as well as primary eye care in a hospital setting.

She completed residency training in Ocular Disease & Primary Care at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Montrose, NY, emphasizing the treatment and management of ocular diseases in a multi-disciplinary, hospital-based setting. During her residency, fellow optometrists received credits for attending Dr. Shah’s continuing education lectures. Furthermore, while completing her residency, she presented numerous research posters at both the American Academy of Optometry and American Optometric Association’s annual meetings.

Dr. Shah currently performs routine eye exams and contact lens fittings in conjunction with assisting Drs. Del Negro, Senft, and Glatman with post-op surgical care. Dr. Shah treats patients in our Neptune, Red Bank, and Brick locations.

Dr. Shah has treated me a number of times for dry eye syndrome. She is so efficient and professional. Last time I had my appointment time mixed up with the wrong day and I was so happy she did not send me away, but told me to wait and she would see me. I have been seen at both the Neptune and Brick offices. Both staffs from each office were courteous.

Judy LintonDry Eye Syndrome
Rita Campbell is a local artist whose time is spent capturing images around her oceanside Victorian home. In recent years, she noticed that her vision became impaired which prevented her from going out at night, but freely admits that she put off cataract surgery as long as possible because she was anxious. About a year ago, she mustered up enough courage for her cataract procedure and has never looked back.
“I had great faith in Dr. Del Negro and felt he was the right one, all the seniors know about him…He was very re-assuring throughout the procedure and the different steps [of the Cataract Evaluation] were nice.” She experienced improvement in her vision shortly after the procedure: “I can read, see clearer, brighter…the day is brighter, people are clearer, I can go outside in my garden and see what grew from the night before.”
After the procedure she saw Dr. Shah for her post-op visits. “She was very patient, I came to value her very much.”
She now has 20/20 vision with a slight reading script. It is clear that her improved vision directly impacts her creative endeavors. “I’m painting with less of a yellowish/tannish color.” She remarks that her work is much brighter and laughs, “The mustard is gone.” She works out of her sunroom that is washed with northern light and explains her process like a religious experience. Conditions need to be right, “I don’t paint every day, I paint only on feeling.” Engrossed with each piece, she created “Surfer” in a few hours on a piece of salvaged wood. Two of her paintings are featured in the Carmen A. Biase Center for seniors in Bradley Beach and three others in the children’s section of the Bradley Beach library.
Rita CampbellMonofocal Lens
“I am so delighted to be back at the office as a patient. Dr. Shah and all the staff are especially kind and patient!”
Blaise FuriatoDr. Shah
“Dr. Shah was delightful. She took great care and time to examine and explain the follow-up procedures.”
Rosemary ButlerPost-Op Exam, Laser Cataract Surgery
After being referred to Dr. Del Negro, Lorraine Catalano decided to undergo cataract surgery at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates. A Certified Nuclear Medical Technologist (CNM), Lorraine has extensive experience with patient care. She explains, “I am imaging director of a Cardiac PET facility—I practice patient care with compassion, state-of-the-art technology, and medical expertise. I recognize these attributes when I’ve had the opportunity to experience them as a patient-Dr. Del Negro’s practice afforded me that experience and although I know this is the only way a practice should run, I also know that Dr. Del Negro remains the exception to the rule!”
For twelve years, Lorraine had been relying on reading glasses and her cataracts were beginning to cause glare, sensitivity to brightness, discoloration, and distorted vision. Lorraine was not at all nervous before the surgery, saying “I was informed extensively and candidly; everything was pleasantly explained-Dr. Del Negro answered all my questions directly and honestly! Passengers sharing the ride to Seashore would have resolved any nerves I had since they did nothing but sing the praises of Dr. Del Negro and the procedure. I was impressed and pleased from the moment I walked in, with the initial assessment, and with every staff member. They answered all my questions with politeness and undivided attention.”
Lorraine described the procedure as “Extremely quick, painless, and everyone went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable. I never felt lost in the shuffle of a busy schedule—they even placed an air tube to keep the surgical drape off my face! The follow-up after surgery with Dr. Shah was also impressive—she was pleasant, informative, and demonstrated excellent proficiency.” After the procedure, Lorraine no longer suffers from glare, sensitivity, or discoloration – she reports that her eyesight improved immediately after the surgery and is still getting better. Lorraine says she can now “read menus, fine print, and computer screens without glasses and in lower lit conditions –I have less dependency on glasses and an enhanced sense of freedom! I would recommend this procedure to a friend without hesitation, and tell them that they go to no other facility!”
Lorraine CatalanoReSTOR® Lens

“Dr. Shah’s personality and easy spirit relaxed me the moment she walked into the room. I have mentioned the office and doctor to others and will continue to do so.”

Louise MesserGeneral Practice
Dr. Robert McTaggart was referred to Dr. Shah by a corneal specialist for a Keratoconus contact lens fitting. He explains, “As a healthcare professional my eyesight is the highest priority. Dr. Shah is very professional, patient and detail–oriented, making sure I have the best fit and vision. She is knowledgable and informative, and the exam was thorough and friendly. The staff is the nicest of any office I’ve been to – they answered all my questions. I have never seen better and had a more comfortable set of contacts – my patients thank you!”
Dr. Robert McTaggartKeratoconus Lens Fitting

“Dr. Shah is very professional, patient and detail–oriented, making sure I have the best fit and vision. She is knowledgable and informative, and the exam was thorough and friendly.”

Dr. McTaggartKeratoconus Lens Fitting

“I was very anxious before the visit but everyone in your office – from the time I made the appointment up to when I walked in – were absolutely pleasant and understanding. They put me at ease with their welcoming and friendly attitudes. The assistant who helped me at the start of the exam was knowledgeable and sensitive to my apprehension. Dr. Shah’s personality and easy spirit relaxed me the moment she walked into the room. I have mentioned the office and doctor to others and will continue to do so. My mom had serious eye issues and I have been scared to go for check-ups, but having such a positive experience this time has made me more confident that I will do my exams in a much more timely fashion. Thank you for fostering such an environment that gains results as the one I felt.”

Louise MesserGeneral Practice
After hearing about Del Negro Senft Eye Associates from a relative, Mary Buletza scheduled an appointment and has been a loyal patient for many years. She says, “The staff is courteous and professional and the office runs very smoothly. There is a calm atmosphere and smooth transitions from room to room. The examinations are always pleasant and professional, my questions are always answered. Dr. Shah always gives me a thorough checkup, reassuring me that my vision is under control. I am very thankful for all the years of care I have had, and I would not hesitate to advise family or friends to go to your office – I have always had great visits – reassuring and relaxing.”
Mary BuletzaDr. Shah