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Thank you to The Riverview Seniors group of Brielle for inviting Dr. Del Negro to present his talk, Eyes on Africa. It was a considerable turn out with impressive audience participation. We were delighted to spend the afternoon with this very active group.

Throughout his presentation, Dr. Del Negro wove an intricate story of his family’s once-in-a-lifetime journey through Upper and Lower Zambia. He detailed their exploration through the Zambesi River on boat and canoe and shared fantastic descriptions of the countless creatures of both land and water that they were lucky enough to encounter. In addition, Dr. Del Negro shared unique vision facts specific to various animals and how those remarkable characteristics aid in their daily survival.

Dr. Del Negro highlighted the beauty of the land as well as the powerful, elegant, indigenous creatures he and his family saw along the way – all of which left an indelible imprint on their lives.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata, performs SPECTRALIS OCT examination on board the International Space Station (ISS). (Image Credit: NASA)

The doctors at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates take great pride in being on the forefront of advanced technology. For this reason, our team is very excited to announce the utilization of a new system during exams, known as SPECTRALIS, which just so happens to be a part of NASA’s Ocular Health Study. The study seeks to understand ocular changes in astronauts during long-term space missions.

The SPECTRALIS system uses an advanced eye tracking system that produces 3-D images of the eye allowing our doctors to easily identify change. It helps reveal eye diseases which may not yet be noticeable by the patient or detectable with a traditional visual exam. You should be pleased to know that you will be tested with the same advanced technology as the astronauts before, during, and after their missions to space. Pretty impressive!


An excerpt from www.heidelbergengineering.com

SPECTRALIS OCT Eye Examinations in Space

Heidelberg, Germany — February 14, 2014 – Since its arrival at the International Space Station (ISS) on June 15th, 2013, Heidelberg Engineering’s Spectralis OCT device is being used regularly for eye examinations of ISS crew members.

First on-orbit tests of the instrument were conducted successfully on June 21 of last year. The first ever OCT examination in space was performed with a commercial SPECTRALIS OCT device on board ISS on October 16, 2013. Since then, ISS crewmembers are being examined in 1- to 2-weekly intervals. The examinations are part of NASA’s Ocular Health Study which seeks to understand ocular changes in astronauts during long-term space missions. Crewmembers had Spectralis OCT baseline examinations prior to their missions on Earth. The on-orbit follow-up examinations now allow observation of possible ocular changes developing. The close follow-up examinations are facilitated by the SPECTRALIS’ AutoRescan function which ensures that serial OCT images on Earth and in space are taken at the exact same retinal location.

Image via heidelberengineering.com / NASA

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Dr. Senft recently presented an educational seminar titled, “Technology & The Eye,” where he discussed specific features of Reading Machines and e-Reader devices such as Kindle and iPad—including making Text Size Larger, Dictation, Voice-Over, Wireless Braille Displays, Zoom, White Text On Black Background –and how each can improve the reading experience for individuals suffering from low vision. These advanced technology tools allow people to be productive and engage their mind, even if vision is compromised.

In a similar vein, another wonderful opportunity to consider is talking books and Braille through the NJ State Library Talking Book & Braille Center (TBBC). If you or someone you know has compromised vision, you may want to explore its many offerings. The library is a great resource for individuals or families who are searching for the means to exercise and challenge their minds despite their physical limitations. The offerings are only available to members, so please visit their website to learn about the process. (www.njsltbbc.org)

New Jersey residents may qualify for the program if their ability to read is affected by: a physical impairment, a reading disability, or a vision impairment.

Anyone who cannot read standard print, has difficulty holding a book, or has difficulty turning the pages of a book may qualify for TBBC’s services .TBBC, a division of the New Jersey State Library, is supported by funding from the State of New Jersey and the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act. TBBC is a regional library of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a division of the U.S. Library of Congress. The New Jersey State Library is affiliated with Thomas Edison State College.

TBC offers a wide range of materials to satisfy the most avid readers. The Braille and Audio Recording Download (BARD) allows members to download audiobooks, audio magazines, and Braille files. For user convenience, the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) mobile app is available on iPhones and iPads, and can be downloaded from Apple’s app store or from iTunes. Currently, there are over 25,000 audiobooks, 42 audio magazines, and numerous Braille files that can be downloaded from the BARD website.

BARD is a fantastic tool, but it isn’t the only resource out there. OneClickdigital has a media manager program that members can download to their computer. The media manager allows members to download and transfer audiobook files to their computer or to mp3 player. OneClickdigital apps for smartphones and tablets can be found by searching for ‘OneClickdigital’ in the app store you use for your smart device. Feel free to visit the website, as it is very educational and provides step by step videos and instructions to take advantage of whatever program best suits your needs.

Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates takes great pride in being at the forefront of the latest advances in ophthalmic technologies. For this reason, Drs. Del Negro and Senft are excited to announce that they are the first in the area to offer Laser Cataract Surgery to their patients. The LenSx® laser is utilized with skill and expertise by Drs. Del Negro and Senft as an advanced surgical tool that adds computer-control to the first key steps of cataract surgery.

When a patient chooses to have their Laser Cataract Surgery performed, they are choosing an innovative mode that allows for complete customization. A bladeless, computer-controlled laser allows Drs. Del Negro and Senft to plan and perform surgery to exact, individualized specifications.

Three Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery:

  • It is a bladeless, advanced procedure.
  • Gentle softening of the cataract allows Drs. Del Negro and Senft to utilize less phaco power than the traditional method.
  • Laser precision creates a uniform, circular opening in the capsular bag that is perfectly centered; this is critical for effective lens position to ensure your best visual outcome.

Your opportunity for Blade-Free cataract surgery is just a phone call away. Regain your vision and your quality of life with advanced Laser Cataract Surgery performed by Drs. Del Negro and Senft. Call us at 732-774-5566 to learn if you are a candidate.

This Halloween you may have considered taking your costume up a notch by adding eye-catching decorative contact lenses. Before you get carried away by the impulse of wanting to win first prize at the annual costume party, ask yourself if it is worth the price of your eyesight. These decorative lenses are not meant to correct your vision, their main draw is to temporarily change the overall appearance of your eyes.

This opens up a larger discussion about contact lens wear in general and the need for an evaluation to gain proper fit; not just once, but on an ongoing basis. Purchasing lenses at a boutique or discount store might save a few dollars up front, but the consequences could be much more costly. It is crucial to stick to reputable establishments when purchasing your contact lenses so you know the lenses are of good quality and, more importantly, dispensed by licensed doctors that relay proper instructions for responsible care and wear.

At Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates Drs. Shah and Wiedeman pride themselves on promoting good eye health with every visit. Along with an annual comprehensive eye exam, a complete contact lens evaluation is also necessary. The following contact lens services are provided that are NOT part of a standard eye exam:

  • Detailed slit lamp biomicroscope exam of the contact lenses on each individuals’ eyes to check the lens fit and to determine if there are any adverse effects from contact lens wear
  • Contact lens refraction to determine the correct prescription power (a contact lens prescription is different than an eyeglass prescription)
  • Review of new contact lens designs, materials, and solutions that may improve comfort and health of your eyes

Check out this informative article by the FDA that highlights things you should consider when purchasing decorative and prescription contact lenses. If the testimonial doesn’t scare you straight, we don’t know what will . . . . Always look to the future and consider how your actions, no matter how innocent they may seem, could potentially harm the way you see the world for the rest of your life.

Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates is excited to report that it is now participating with most United Healthcare products!*

How Does this Affect Our Existing Patients?

You can visit our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring doctors just as you had before and take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology. The major benefit is that you will be spared the responsibility of paying out-of-network rates. We will collect your in-network copay, coinsurance, and/or deductible, based on your plan.

What Does This Mean To New Patients?

You now have the opportunity to take advantage of a practice that is dedicated to providing the finest medical knowledge, surgical expertise, service, and technological advances to achieve your best vision.

*Please call our office for specific plan participation.

Most are familiar with the pass that literally sidelined sports reporter Pam Oliver. According to the New York Daily News, the last thing she remembered was doing an interview with Ed Hochuli and then returning to the sidelines.

“That’s all I remember,” she said. “I asked the people around me, ‘What happened?’ They told me I just got hit in the head with a football.”
After the initial shock, her brave nature led her to continue to work as if nothing happened. The next day was a different story, however. Oliver hid out in her house for the next five days, avoiding light and struggling with a splitting headache.

“I slept for hours on end. The minute you wake up you’re reminded. Your head is pounding,” she said. “I really could not take light — the light from the TV, the accent lighting. The sun was completely my enemy. My blinds were drawn. It was miserable.”

Oliver’s experience shows that the signs and symptoms of a concussion can be subtle at first. Because of this, some people tend to downplay their injury. A concussion may not be as visible as a bleeding gash, but should still be investigated as every injury is different.

Most individuals who suffer from a concussion report symptoms related to eye function such as light sensitivity (as Ms. Oliver experienced), blurry vision, double vision, eye fatigue, and/or difficulty reading. These symptoms underscore the importance of conducting a thorough eye exam following a head injury.

Thank you to all the brides-to-be, fiancés, and extended family who dropped by our booth last night at the Bridal Event at Branches in West Long Branch! We had a fabulous time chatting with everyone, and couldn’t help but get caught up in the contagious excitement that surrounds the planning of a wedding. The show’s organizer, Wedding-Set-Go, played host to thirty one brides-to-be, along with a number of friends and family members.

Throughout the evening, all visitors to our booth entered their names into a drawing. As we discussed Bladeless LASIK with the attendees it became clear that the number one question was: ”Is LASIK Painful?” We explained that patients should not experience pain, and that Drs. Del Negro & Senft use anesthetic drops in conjunction with oral medication and a painless lid separator device so that patients don’t have to be concerned with blinking. Ultimately, patients can expect to be awake, alert, and comfortable throughout the procedure.

When the time to draw a winner came, the MC called out the lucky bride-to-be’s name, but quickly discovered that she had left the event early. As he made numerous attempts to call for this runaway bride, he noticed one bride-to-be who seemed visibly upset that she hadn’t won. Well, it turned out to be her lucky night, because she ended up winning by default! Congratulations to Michelle De Los Santos! We hope you enjoy the COACH® designer sunglasses, $500 savings on Bladeless LASIK, and the other assorted goodies!

Dr. Del Negro would like to personally thank all the members of the Women’s Club at Four Seasons, Wall, who came out to support his latest presentation, “Eyes On Africa”. The audience’s sincere interest and participation lead to a host of interesting discussions that opened a truly fascinating dialogue.

Dr. Del Negro began the presentation with a description of the experience he and his family shared as they walked barefoot through the world’s largest natural wonder, Victoria Falls. Coming from a first world country, the culture shock was intense. In the village of Mfuwe, there are no basic living essentials. Even something as simple as running water is considered a luxury. The trade system is still in full effect, as trading cotton for food is commonplace. Much to the surprise of some members of the Women’s Club, males in this community stay at home while their wives do much of the work. In the Village of Mfuwe, a woman’s daily schedule includes cooking, cleaning, digging for water, carrying heavy jugs atop their head through miles of scorching heat, and tending to children. They also learned that children walk for hours to get to school and make do without school supplies with the help of their teachers.

Despite the town’s complete lack of modern amenities, Dr. Del Negro described its people as vibrant, kind, and happy, even throwing together a show for their unannounced visit. Meeting the natives by their communal living accommodations and by the schoolhouse was very poignant for the family as a whole. His wife, Dr. Robyn Del Negro, explained, “The children at the schoolhouse were so taken with technology. They wanted to be in every picture so they could see themselves.”

Throughout the hour, Dr. Del Negro wove an intricate story, painting a picture that gave the audience an insider’s perspective of his family’s once-in-a-lifetime journey through Upper and Lower Zambia. He detailed their exploration of the Zambesi River on boat and canoe, sharing fantastic descriptions of the countless creatures of land and water with whom they came in contact. He shared unique vision facts specific to various animals and how those characteristics assist in their survival. He also recounted his family’s time spent on Livingstone Island – the island where explorer and missionary David Livingstone discovered Victoria Falls, also known as Mosi oa Tunya “The Smoke That Thunders.” All the while, he highlighted the breathtaking natural beauty of the land and the powerful, elegant, indigenous creatures he and his family saw along the way—all of which left an indelible imprint on their lives.

Animal Vision Facts:

  • Giraffes have the largest eyes among land mammals. They have a very large field of vision making it ideal to identify predators. Their long eyelashes protect their eyes against insects and sharp branches.
  • Zebras have night vision.
  • Lion cubs are born blind.
  • Lions’ eyes are well-adapted for use under low light conditions which is ideal for hunting at night.
  • Crocodiles have a layer called tapetum behind their retina, containing crystals that reflect light and make night vision possible.
  • Hippopotamuses have a set of built-in goggles. A clear membrane covers their eyes while under water to protect them from leaves and other debris while they are under water.
  • African Vulturine Fish –Eagle has the sharpest vision of any animal. Their eyes are very large in proportion to their heads. They see two more colors than humans do and can spot an animal the size of a rabbit up to two miles away.

The race for summer’s end is over – some have already dropped off sons and daughters at college and said goodbyes, while others are still dealing with high school students gearing up for the first day of school. Recently, we have been flooded with calls for last minute eye exams and contact lens orders. If you missed the opportunity before the ‘official’ end of summer, no worries – we are always here to assist!

Remember to listen to your students when they return to school – if you receive constant complaints about headaches or trouble seeing the board, we would be happy to determine the cause and treat accordingly. Also, don’t forget that we are your one-stop RX Zone shop for protective eyewear to help your student athlete avoid sports injuries.

Check out our Summer Optical Special before it’s too late! Your young adults will thank you for getting them back to school in style and protected so they can play hard. It’s the best of both worlds!