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Did you know that grapes are considered to be a powerful sight protector? A study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine compared the impact of an antioxidant-rich diet on vision. The study used mice prone to developing retinal damage in old age. The mice either received a grape-enriched diet, a diet with added lutein, or a normal diet.

The result? Grapes proved to offer dramatic protection: the grape-enriched diet protected against oxidative damage of the retina and prevented blindness in those mice consuming grapes. While lutein was also effective, grapes were found to offer significantly more protection.

The bottom line? Consuming a diet rich in natural antioxidants, like grapes, might directly impact retinal health and function.

“Preserving eye health is a key concern as we age, and this study shows that grapes may play a critical role in achieving this,” said Kathleen Nave, president of the California Table Grape Commission. “This is good news for consumers of all ages who enjoy grapes, and adds to the growing body of evidence that grapes offer an array of health benefits.”

Now is the time to improve your eye health and achieve your best possible vision. Join Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates and NJ 101.5 at the Grapes & Grain Festival in Long Branch on May 31st.

Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates is excited to be a part of the Grapes and Grain Festival organized by NJ 101.5. The Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, NJ will host the event on Saturday, May 31st.

The Grapes and Grain Festival is a traveling event that celebrates the best of both worlds: craft beer and wine sampling under one roof. Set to a backdrop of delicious food and great music, the Grapes and Grain Festival is an event not to be missed!

Our team will be on hand throughout the four-hour event to answer all of your questions about Laser Custom Cataract Surgery, Bladeless LASIK, and Routine Eye Care. Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates’ booth will be located in the wine tasting ballroom. We look forward to meeting and greeting attendees and distributing our limited edition “Barnegat Lighthouse” recycle tote bags filled with eyeglass cleaner, microfiber wipes, and a few other items.

Please stop by and say hello from 4:00-8:00 pm on May 31st. The Ocean Place Resort & Spa is located at 1 Ocean Boulevard in Long Branch, NJ. For more information about the Grapes and Grain Festival, visit GrapesAndGrainFestival.com. If you have any questions regarding Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates’ participation in the event, or have an inquiry regarding our services, please call us today at (732) 774-5566.

Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates is excited to be a part of 101.5’s Diner Tour with Dennis & Judi! We are thrilled to meet and greet local listeners and diner goers as the countdown finally comes to an end, Friday, April 18th –just 2 days away!

Dr. Carl J. Senft and Dr. Tina V. Shah will be on hand during this event to answer all of your questions about eye conditions and eye care, as well as All Laser LASIK and Laser Custom Cataract Surgery. Drs. Del Negro and Senft are proud to be the first eye surgeons in the area to offer the gentle precision of the LenSx Laser during the first key step of cataract surgery to help you attain your best possible vision.

Read what our patients are saying about their improved vision after Laser Custom Cataract Surgery:

“I enjoy everything I do now that I don’t have to wear glasses. See clearly, enjoy movies, watch my nephews play sports, drive, and read.”-Carol Albunio

“I’m very, very pleased! I can’t believe the difference in what I can now see without glasses. I don’t even need them to read. I healed very quickly with no discomfort. When I go to sew or mend I can get the thread right through the needle. In the past I had to work at it. Driving at night is much better–the red and green
lights don’t look like fireworks anymore, they look like round circles again. I am now doing as much driving as I did when I was working.”
-Cecilia Fallon

Stop by and ask us how we can help you achieve your best vision.

Everyone who visits us will receive our limited edition recycle tote featuring local artist, Sherly A. Bennett’s, beautiful painting titled, “Barnegat Lighthouse.” Each Jersey-Shore inspired tote contains glass cleaner, microfiber wipes, and a few other items. Also, don’t forget to enter our Designer Sunglass Raffle. The lucky winner will be notified at the end of the event. Help us jumpstart the summer with important eye care information, Dennis & Judi, and great food and friends!

The Four Seasons Diner is located at 823 Fischer Boulevard in Toms River, NJ. Our Ocean County office is conveniently located at 100 Drum Point Road in Brick, NJ. To contact us at our Brick or Neptune, NJ locations, call (732) 774-5566 or visit us on the web at dseye.com.

In the spirit of supporting Jersey-grown talent, Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates partnered with local artist Sherly A. Bennett to create custom tote bags featuring a beautiful painting of the Barnegat Lighthouse. The bag, inspired by one of the 11 majestic lighthouses that grace New Jersey’s shoreline, is both lightweight and stylish– ideal for a day at the beach or a shopping run. On April 18th, lucky attendees of New Jersey 101.5’s Diner Tour at the Four Seasons Diner in Toms River, will be the first to take home Ms. Bennett’s Jersey Shore-inspired recycle bags containing eye glass cleaner and microfiber wipes.

Sherly Bennett has spent a major part of her life in Monmouth County, New Jersey, where she gained great satisfaction drawing, painting, and sculpting. She received a B.S. in Accounting from Rutgers University but found herself increasingly drawn to art in the years that followed. After getting married and having children, she began to paint more and more frequently, expanding her horizons to numerous subjects of study. With each painting, she strives to learn something new, whether it’s composition or the way light shines on her subjects. To Ms. Bennett, what’s “most exciting is to see sunlight hitting ordinary things and making them beautiful.”

Don’t miss out on New Jersey 101.5’s Dennis & Judi Diner Tour! Dr. Carl J. Senft and Dr. Tina V. Shah of Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates will be on hand from 10am to 2pm on April 18th to field questions from attendees. We look forward to meeting many listeners and diner goers as we officially kickoff the summer.

The Four Seasons Diner is located at 823 Fischer Boulevard in Toms River, NJ. Our Ocean County office is conveniently located at 100 Drum Point Road in Brick, NJ. To contact us at our Brick or Neptune, NJ locations, call (732) 774-5566 or visit us on the web at dseye.com.

You can find more of Sherly Bennett’s work on Facebook or on her Website

Stephanie Lopez was the lucky winner of chic pair of Designer FENDI Sunglasses and $500 off All Laser LASIK. She and her fiancé joined us at Jacques in Middletown, NJ, along with many other happy brides-to-be and their extended family members. We had a great time answering eye care questions, handing out educational information, and hearing about all the decision making that goes into planning a dream wedding. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello.

If you live at or around the Jersey Shore, we have exciting news for you! On April 18th from 10 am-2pm, Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates will be part of a special event with New Jersey 101.5’s Dennis and Judi at the Four Seasons Diner in Toms River, NJ.

Dr. Carl J. Senft and Dr. Tina V. Shah will be on hand during this event to answer all of your questions about eye conditions and eye care, as well as All Laser LASIK and Laser Custom Cataract Surgery. Drs. Del Negro and Senft are proud to be the first eye surgeons in the area to offer the gentle precision of the LenSx Laser during the first key step of cataract surgery to help you attain your best possible vision.

Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates will be raffling off a pair of designer sunglasses from our optical shop. We will also be distributing shore-inspired recycle bags featuring artwork by local artist, Sherly A. Bennett. Each bag contains eyeglass spray and a microfiber cloth. With important eye care information, great food, and Dennis and Judi– this event is not to be missed!

The Four Seasons Diner is located at 823 Fischer Boulevard in Toms River, NJ. Our Ocean County office is conveniently located at 100 Drum Point Road in Brick, NJ. To contact us at our Brick or Neptune, NJ, locations call (732) 774-5566 or visit us at dseye.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The impending snow storm threatening to drop about a foot of snow on the East Coast did not stop the brides-to-be from attending the latest Bridal Show at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant. It was clear that attendees were tired of hibernating from all the recent snow and Polar Vortex warnings, and were overdue for some fun with family and friends! There was a wonderful turnout for fabulous food, entertainment, and information. Everyone was so animated, and there was so much energy in the room!

We would like to thank all the brides and their extended families who stopped by our booth to meet with us and pick up some educational information. Fresh off the conga line, Kim Lasky was the lucky winner of our giveaway. Stunned, she exclaimed, “I never win anything!” That changed in an instant as she left with a great basket filled with designer FENDI sunglasses and a bunch of goodies including $500 off a Bladeless LASIK procedure. If you, or someone you know, is in the process of planning a wedding, please join us at our next bridal show–Wednesday March 26th at Jacques Reception Center, Middletown, NJ. Hope to see you there!

Most people who seek out LASIK surgery do so because they are looking for a means to make their routine less complicated and to enjoy the activities they love to the fullest extent. We recently saw this sentiment expressed on a world-wide scale by world cup Alpine ski racer Bode Miller, in a USA Today interview following his Olympic downhill run during the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Miller pointed to a lack of visual acuity during his disappointing downhill performance. The cloud cover created a flat light condition in which it is harder for the racers, especially at high speeds, to read the upcoming terrain. The five-time Olympic medalist finished eighth in the race, which he had hoped would signal his return to the top of the alpine ski world at age 36.

“I was supposed to get an eye surgery earlier this year,” Miller said. “We just never found a time to do it because the race schedule was so tight. We were pretty [upset] looking back that we hadn’t found a time to do that. For me, my vision is critical. When the light’s perfect, I can ski with any of the best guys in the world. When it goes out, my particular style suffers more than the guys who are more stable and don’t do as much in the middle of the turn.”

Don’t live with regret. . . if LASIK surgery was or is a dream of yours, contact us at 732-774-5566 x239 to schedule an evaluation that will determine if you are a candidate. Attain your full potential, and seize your opportunity to become less dependent on glasses and/or contacts.

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If you have been watching the prime time coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, you are probably aware of Bob Costas’ epic run-in with an eye infection.

On Friday, February 7th, just as the NBC news anchor’s battle was beginning, it was broadcast for all the world to see. According to the Washington Times, Costas had been wearing glasses since the start of the Sochi Olympics due to an infection in his left eye. His eye appeared swollen, pink, irritated, and painful during the early broadcast, and got progressively worse from there. His condition garnered so much attention that it actually spawned its own Twitter account. Social media exploded with a wide range of comments.

Costas told the New York Times that the problem first started on Thursday, February 6th. “You hear it called pinkeye or conjunctivitis, but, as a practical matter, I haven’t had it before. You have swelling and stinging and burning and eventually tearing,” Costas told the New York Times.

He endured for several days. On Monday’s broadcast, it became clear that the infection had spread to his other eye and, when he woke up Tuesday, both eyes were swollen and crusted shut.

His painful condition temporarily removed him from the anchor chair, a position that he had consistently filled since the late ’80s. “I don’t feel that bad,” Costas insisted. “The irony of it is, we’ve all felt bad — worse than I feel right now — and gone to work. We’re lucky to have the jobs we have. I’ve done a lot of ballgames and events feeling much less than my best. But in this case, it’s involuntary. It’s an eye infection, and my eyes are so blurry and watery, and have become so light sensitive, that even in dim light they’re constantly tearing up. And so, I can’t possibly be in the studio. It’s not a case of just saying ‘Oh, what the heck — I’ll go in, not feeling well’.”

Matt Lauer stepped in for Costas and could not hide his exhaustion from doing double duty for three days. Meredith Vieira made history by replacing Lauer and becoming the first woman to ever anchor NBC’s prime time Olympic coverage solo. NBC Olympics Executive Producer Jim Bell explained to TODAY.com from Sochi: “Bob’s eye issue has improved but he’s not quite ready to do the show. If your eyes are sensitive to bright lights, a TV studio is not the place to be.”

CBS reporter, Ryan Jaslow, reported that Costas said he had a viral infection. “If it was just discomfort, I’d be there,” Costas said in the news release. “I’m receiving excellent treatment…it’s a viral infection, and all you can do is try to manage the symptoms while the virus runs its course.”

So, What is Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva, the thin transparent layer of tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye. Conjunctivitis, often called “pink eye,” is a common eye disease that may be caused by a viral or bacterial infection or allergic reaction and can be highly contagious. Many times if you have a cold you might develop a simultaneous conjunctivitis. Cool compresses decrease swelling and itching. Artificial tears dilute the allergens and form a protective barrier over the surface of the eye. Rubbing the eyes makes symptoms worse and should be avoided.

When experiencing redness, sensitivity to light, swelling and/or discharge that makes your lids stick together, or pain, take a cue from Costas and make sure you seek out medical attention. Your course of treatment is dependent upon what you are suffering from—bacterial, viral, or allergic.

Feel free to contact us at 732-774-5566 if you need treatment. Our doctors will get you back on track with individualized treatment and follow-up. This past Sunday, Costas felt well enough to return to the studio while one of his replacements, Matt Lauer, covered for the last time. He returned last night for his prime time and late night hosting duties, thankful for the team who covered for him during his six day absence.

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Seattle Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman, 23, of Los Angeles, made headlines recently for overcoming a hearing impairment. His story culminated in a very touching and inspirational Duracell commercial documenting his rise to the NFL. By now, you’ve probably had a chance to see the spot. But, did you know that his teammate, Receiver and Special Team standout, Jermaine Kearse, has a similar story of overcoming obstacles to achieve his full potential in the very same competitive sport?

Sports writer Bob Condotta reported that early in Kearse’s career as a Husky at the University of Washington, when he spoke about needing to “focus more” on an irritating habit of dropping too many passes, he literally meant what he was saying. In his second year as a Seahawk, Kearse divulged that he wore glasses for years and often wore contacts while playing as a Husky.

Kearse never cited his vision as the main reason for dropping a few easy passes early on in his career; however, after electing to have LASIK during the offseason, it is difficult not to make the connection.

Coach Pete Carroll, who has been a big supporter of Kearse, has been quoted by Terry Blount of ESPN as saying that Kearse’s LASIK surgery made a big difference in his game. “He’s been terrific since the surgery, to tell you the truth,” Carroll has said. “He has made great catches, one right after another, and has continued to impress us.”

“I don’t really drop the ball much anymore,” Kearse said, explaining that surgery “has helped a lot. I don’t have to deal with my contacts being all blurry.” He reports that his improved 20-15 vision has enabled him to see things he hadn’t in years.

Recognizing his improving game, coach Carroll made it a point to provide Kearse with more opportunities to perform. A strong threat to the opposing team, he can play at almost every position if needed. In the NFC Championship Game, his potential was realized by millions when he caught a 35-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson that put Seattle in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Kearse’s story is not unlike many patients who become interested in LASIK as a necessity–patients who have become contact lens intolerant, or just find that glasses and/or contacts are complicating their active lifestyle. Dr. Mark Sheklian explained the freedom he now enjoys after his Bladeless LASIK procedure with Dr. Del Negro: “I can enjoy swimming and running and my other activities without my contacts drying out, or falling out.”

If you are interested in reaching your full visual potential and enjoying your active lifestyle, call us at 732-774-5566 x239 for a complimentary LASIK Evaluation. Discover if you are a candidate and make plans to see the world more clearly.

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