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August 2015

Decreased vision may compromise your lifestyle. When it comes to cataracts, Drs. Del Negro, Senft, and Glatman can restore your vision and, oftentimes, give you more freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

The changes that come hand-in-hand with cataracts develop slowly over time, gradually affecting your normal daily activities. If that sounds familiar, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I having difficulty driving at night?
  • Does my vision seem blurred or dim? Things just not clear?
  • Have my eyes become more sensitive to light and glare?
  • Do I need brighter light for reading? Is smaller print more difficult?
  • Do I have trouble seeing the writing on the TV?
  • Do I have more difficulty differentiating shades of colors?

If your answers reveal that you are concerned with your current quality of vision, feel free to contact us at 732-774-5566 to schedule a Cataract Evaluation.

Looking for a sleek, stylish frame to finish out 2015? We have the latest trends for you!

With fashion having a pattern of repetition, this year brought back eyeglass trends of the ’60s and ’70s! This means geek-chic acetates, luxurious cat eyes, vibrant patterns and colors, and very retro half rims!

Don’t be afraid to log into your studious side with a chic “geeky” bold frame, or live on the edge in a daring cherry red acetate! For a more traditional look, you can blend into a classic black or a neutral tortoise shell. If you’re looking for something that really pops, you can expand your options with printed materials such as wood grain & matte finishes – giving you a more contemporary look. Or, you can find your middle ground in a modernized half-rim. With so many patterns and styles to choose from, you may want to expand your wardrobe with multiple pairs to dress for each occasion. Just like a new pair of shoes, eyeglasses can change your look entirely! So why settle for just one?