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Priscilla Del Pizzo Retires from Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates After 23 Years

Priscilla Del Pizzo has worked for Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates for the past 23 years. She started her career with Jose Pietri, M.D., before Dr. Del Negro purchased the practice in 1992. At that time, the office was located in another building, so she helped relocate the practice to our current location.

Last month, we had an opportunity to honor Priscilla with a retirement luncheon to recognize her for all she has contributed to our practice over the years. Her loyalty, dedication, hard work, and friendship truly made a mark on the practice, as well as our lives and the lives of our patients. She will always be an integral part of the Del Negro & Senft family. She is a fabulous storyteller and accomplished baker. Whether it be her famous chocolate cake or her Christmas cookies, we all give our stamp of approval.

Since the luncheon, Priscilla has been back to visit a few times, and we hope she continues to join us for lunch and coffee talk as much as she can manage to tear herself away from her adoring family. As she enjoys her retirement, we want to take this opportunity to thank her for her tireless service and wish her well on the next chapter of her life. She will truly be missed!

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