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Exercising for Eyesight: Dr. Wiedeman Runs the Half Marathon at the Shore

On May 5th Dr. Wiedeman took part in the New Jersey Half Marathon At The Shore. She accomplished her personal goal of just under 2 hours, completing the 13.1 miles in 1:59:16. The race took the 5,348 runners through the scenic shore towns of Oceanport and Monmouth Beach before ending in Long Branch where they crossed the finish line. In preparation for this event, Dr. Wiedeman trained for 14 weeks and clocked in 220 practice miles.

There is nothing more precious than your health, and setting personal goals can help you maintain your wellness. Don’t forget, the benefits of an active lifestyle extend beyond your waistline: exercise, healthy eating habits, and regular visits to your eye doctor will improve your ocular health too. Maintaining a healthy weight and stable blood sugar help keep diseases like diabetic retinopathy in check, and exercise is a great way to release stress as well.

If you are not quite up for a half marathon, just start with a simple walk to get your body moving. Congratulations to Dr. Wiedeman for reaching her goal and putting her recommendations into practice!

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